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Tuesday, December 4, 2007

The Cairn Terrier Ear

Someone inquired that they had a Cairn Terrier who's ears did not stand up, and wondered if they were supposed to be cropped. I tried responding and my email was rejected, so I decided to post it here. Cairn Terrier's ears are dropped as puppies and they stand up on their own between 5 and ?12wks, depending on the individual. I was once told that they stand upon the molars coming in, but since they can stand on their own as early as 4 1/2-5wks I would say that is innaccurate. Ear sets can vary in size and at Crooked Creek Cairn Terriers, we breed for a small ear set with correct placement on the head. The AKC breed standards says Ears - Small, pointed, well carried erectly, set wide apart on the side of the head. Free from long hairs.

Cairn Terrier ears are never dropped and are never cropped. If someone has a Cairn with drop ears it is either a mix or an extremely poor quality Cairn, as I have never seen a full Cairn with drop ears. As the puppy's ears are starting to stand, they look quite commical with 1 ear up, 1 ear down, and it may change for a few days as they try to stand on their own. Nothing cuter than this awkward ear stage! LOL This is Daisie at 9 weeks, with 1 ear up and 1 ear down.

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