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Saturday, November 7, 2009

Cairn Terrier updates

Time seems to pass so quickly. I wanted to pass along a quick update about our Cairn family and Cairn Terrier puppies. We have 2 puppies still looking for their forever homes. I'm seeing a dramatic slow in the market that I hadn't experienced previously. Hopefully those "right" homes will come along soon. The puppies are absolutely adorable and I'm sure they'll make wonderful additions for someone.

Bentley is still looking for his forever home. I haven't been advertising him or anything but hoped to find someone close that would be a good match for him. My kids are attached to him so I guess I'm not looking that hard. But when the right family comes along, we'll know it. That's the hardest thing about being a breeder. You get so attached to the adults and yet you can't keep them all.

I'm doing very well in school, although it has been more time intensive than I expected. I just finished 2 classes with A's so I'm extremely happy! I'm working on the next 2 classes currently.

We LOVE our new home! We still have a lot to finish but I love the hardwood floors and tile for the dogs, and although we were on an acreage before, 10 acres is so much more room to run on and explore. I have to watch the puppies though, because they try to follow the kids into the woods. They think they're big dogs too. LOL

I appreciate the updates I've received from a few people. Thank you so much. I wish I could be in closer contact with everyone. But I certainly appreciate the ongoing emails and hearing about the Cairns. Keep in touch!

Thursday, July 16, 2009

We're Moving Into our New Home!

We're moving! We're excited to move into our new home next week. For those who have purchased puppies, we want to ensure that we maintain contact long term. Please stay tuned to the website for phone and email changes. I have set up a new email, but will currently keep my cell phone and will post a new phone number if we get a land line set up. If you need a new address, please email us and we'll give you direct contact information. My new email is: RickysPrincess@gmail.com
My NP program starts at the end of August. We're going to be busy finishing the house and getting settled before then. The dogs will have a temporary play yard until we build our "guest house" with the dog room off the back side of it. Keep in touch!

thank you!

Sunday, April 19, 2009


We changed our plans slightly when we came across an excellent opportunity for a champion pedigree male that I fell in love with. We welcome Brody to our family! He has the same compact confirmation, small ear set, short tail, and adorable traits that remind me of Bailie and Maggie (everyone's favorites). I have kept Bailie & Hailie and will eventually retire Bentley to a forever home. I just couldn't give up everything completely but had to cut back to allow time for school. The rest of the dogs all went to my breeder friends so I'm relieved that we've preserved the lines for the future. I'm hoping to start my MSN this fall but we'll see how things fall into place. We're still planning the August litters by hopefully both Bailie & Hailie depending on how nature accommodates us. I still enjoy hearing from you, so keep in touch!